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Most people have a long forgotten box that is usually found in a dusty attic, shed, closet or under the bed.  In this  box of secrets there will be certain items that have meant something to you a lifetime ago.  Photographs, letters, priceless items with sentimental value that you can’t bring to throw out.  I was going through my box and I came across some photos of when I attended the Willow Close Pre School in 1985.  This photo is from 27 years ago when I used to live in the Adelaide Hills.  It was somewhat difficult for me to remember anything from my preschool days;  if I think really hard  I recall that it was a warm day when this picture was taken as I can remember feeling hot in the home made woolen jumper that my mother knitted for me.  My memory of the teachers and fellow students is hazy.

Looking at the picture as an adult I noticed that I was the only child who was not a white Australian.  I asked my mother if I experienced any racism and she said that I once came back from school upset and wanting to wear a skivvy the next day to hide my brown skin after another child said I looked different to everyone else.  Reflecting back on this I think the other child was just curious as this was 1985 and there were not many children living in the Adelaide Hills of diverse racial backgrounds.  I liked being a child growing up in the 1980s as I think there was a good balance between playing outside and playing inside. As you can see in my class photograph there is no such thing as childhood obesity and everyone looks so relaxed with no pressure to achieve so much materially  like 21st century children.


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Can you remember living in the 80s or wish you had been there? Maybe you were only a child, teenager or young adult back then.  Maybe you were not even born in the 1980s or too young to remember anything about that amazing decade and wonder how people survived without the internet?

What may surprise some people who only know of a world of computers and the internet is that life still went on nicely without technology dominating our lives.   Friends and family spent time with each other playing board games, hiking, trips to the beach or just entertaining ourselves with just our creative imagination.  Not to forget the hours spent listening to great 80s music!  If I think really really really hard I can remember the sounds of  Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Phil Collins, Berlin, Lionel Ritchie, Rick Astley, The Cars, Foreigner and Michael Jackson amongst many other music artists dominating the radio airwaves. Yes… I can blame my parents 5AD radio listening for my liking to classic and sometimes embarrassing 80s music artists as an adult!  As a child of the 80s one song that really stands out is the theme song to the movie The Never Ending Story by Limahl which was such a magical movie for a child in the 1980s.

From a very young age I have always been able to remember the little things that many people forget like my parents filling the car up with petrol (gas) and the sign displaying the price at only 41 cents a litre! I also remember a time when McDonalds was only open for lunch and dinner with my favourite burger at the time the Filet-O-Fish only costing $1.60. Parents did not have to worry about their children eating too much unhealthy food back then as fast food  was only an occasional treat for most families and balanced out by kids actively playing outside.   The eighties were a time when kids were allowed to be kids and learned valuable life skills that would prepare them for adulthood; unlike the current cotton wool generation of kids in the 21st century.

So what sort of stories should you expect from the ‘Living in the 80s’ category? Well most of my childhood was spent living in the states of South Australia and Western Australia so expect some interesting stories about the people and places from those areas.  I will have to do some serious deep thinking to dig up the stories from over 20 years ago.  Months will go by without a post in this category however when I write the stories they will be concise and something unexpected! It will make you really think about your own childhood experiences many lifetimes ago.

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