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Talking about new economy jobs… my old economy job has been a bit slow this month with not many extra shifts so what does one do when you are slightly short each month? You experiment offering your services as a paid friend.   Essentially this is paid platonic friendships and  so there is no misunderstandings the sites discourage any physical contact which rules out things such as hand holding, hugs, etc.

Paid friendship is a somewhat divisive  concept that some people are intrigued about and want to understand while others have strong negative moral reactions against the notion of how can you possibly pay someone to be your friend?

It may sound crazy who would actually pay money to hang out with someone such as going for a seaside walk, a friendly chat over coffee or special event?   Yet in an increasingly digitally connected world without physical contact, in person connection to others is a growing niche sector.  Only recently someone on the London Tube attempted to get fellow travellers to chat with each other and was greeted with a horror from fellow passengers who even ran a negative campaign with badges against this with the slogan “Don’t even think about talking to me” This has what the world has come to in some places in the world and entrepreneur are capitalising on marketing “connection” just like people used to say nobody would pay for bottled water.

Which brings me back to my own story in this new line of work… It took a few weeks but I finally got an offer from this person that wanted me to drive him home from surgery at a hospital because he had nobody to help him.  Which got me thinking what exactly is this? Is this someone wanting someone to drive them home or connect with them through a tough period in their life?  I think it was the latter because a Taxi/Uber would be cheaper than my minimum half day rate for this activity.  I politely declined the offer as it felt a bit too strange as the friend seeker did not include any pictures or bio information and I don’t particularly like driving in Sydney. Furthermore safety is a big thing for me with one of my main stipulations being paid friendships must be in public locations initially.  So that was that.  Personally this paid friendship thing is not for me as deep thinker, feeling sort of type I would find it hard not to think think about the experience afterwards. Not thinking is needed as at the end of the day you still have your real friendships to maintain.



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