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A bright red retro turntable that is fully manual, belt driven, with counter balance weights, a stylus needle that needs to be maintained  and everything minimal in design. If that isn’t scary enough the manual turntable type if left unattended could potentially damage your vinyl collection.  Is this really worth the effort if you like living without many material things? The short answer is YES


In a way it is a great way of turning back time and escaping living in the hectic 21st century for a few hours a day. Especially when it comes to 60s and 70s music which was meant to be listened to on LP vinyl records.   Over the years people have ditched these large records for the cassette, compact disc, music file downloads and more recently  music streaming sites but recently there has been a revival from a much younger generation that enjoys the deeper bass/imperfect sounds and novelty experience of having an unusual hobby.


I think this interest comes down to being able to physically hold onto a record which takes a little effort to hear the music compared to electronic music files that can be played anywhere instantly with no connection to the full album.  With a turntable setup you need to find a spot for it along with the amplifying equipment and not to forget storage space for those large records.  While from a physical point of view this would go against living a minimalist lifestyle, this is about living minimally in your mind which is a great way to disconnect from technology while sitting back and watching/listening to that spinning record.

I think the balance comes by limiting your record collection to records that you really like while keeping the technology based music for when you do not have time to sit down and only listen to music.   This month I have been listening to The Beatles – Abbey Road along with Fleetwood Mac – Rumours on vinyl and the experience is like nothing I have heard before when played with simple vintage equipment.




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Inside Car CanadaMy first exposure to the extreme minimalist lifestyle was while living in Canada when I rented a windowless closet about the size of single mattress from this eccentric guy called Andrew and his few possessions which I wrote about in an early post: What are Vancouver People Like.

Taking extreme minimalism to a new level while living in Vancouver I decided to do away with the closet and live in this old car that I had for a few months to save some money. While some would argue having a car is not really being a minimalist I would argue it gave me the flexibility to move wherever I wanted and needed shelter; Canada can get cold and when I was experimenting with this lifestyle it was heading into autumn with some very chilly mornings.

Some tips on pulling this off is holding down a full-time job with access to shower/amenities in the workplace.  Join a community centre for a place to hang out after work and needed amenities. Park your car in a somewhat affluent suburb to avoid being a victim of crime but not in the same street every night or local residents will get suspicious.

When you are living on the edge day to day you will need more than your car, job and a community centre as life can be really lonely.  Human interactions and socializing is extremely important so you can take your mind of being homeless.  If you are somewhat introverted like myself you will need to force yourself into an extroverted state which is extremely draining to continually be out and about and just ask people to do stuff as you will get more positives than negative responses; human nature most people like the thought of someone wanting to spend time with them.

However to maintain an extreme minimalist lifestyle there is one thing you should never do is tell people you are homeless which is somewhat easy to do when your new circle of friends don’t know you very well.  I made it almost three months when I accidentally let it slip which horrified some people, gossip started. people felt sorry for me and I had some offers to stay at some people homes which I reluctantly took as winter was fast approaching.

Outside Car





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