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I think there comes a time when you need to take your Italian cooking skills to the next level.  When I say next level I mean thinking beyond the stereotypical pasta staple dishes as there is more to Italian cuisine than this.  This is what Silvia Colloca’s Made In Italy recipe book will give you,   the cookbook is not really what we traditionally know as a cookbook rather more like a journey of self discovery.

This great book which is more like a cooking journal with many pictures of Silvia and her Italian friends along with the mouth watering food  is like having a glimpse into the life story of Silvia Colloca as she takes you through Italian dishes unique to Central Italy and the Abruzzo region.


So today I am going against my natural cooking instinct and trusting the directions provided by Silvia Colloca in preparing some great Italian food.   My first attempt will be Silvia’s AGNELLO allq GRIGLIA con ASPARGI.   I have partially started it and just allowing the marinade to do its magic if it all goes well I’ll plate it up and post it to instagram.  I have to say uncooked it already smells great so it is little surprise these cooking books are in high demand.  I highly recommend buying one of these wonderful  books.

Latest Update: Pictures of the end result: 



Of Course Signora Silvia Colloca’s probably tastes and looks way better than mine but this is achievable for the average home cook.

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