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One of the latest action Cameras on the market is the Nikon KeyMission 80 Rugged Wearable Action Camera.  This little camera is smaller than a deck of cards and claims to be very powerful yet away from the promo video featuring the adventuring wandering music and good looking athlete does it live up to expectations by a real everyday user.

If you have not seen the official promo click on this link:  Nikon Key Mission 80 Promo it runs for a short 1 minute 52 seconds.

The pictures and video you are about to see are shot in various settings in New Zealand and Australia using the KeyMission 80.

Firstly because it is a new release it was hard to source and at the time of purchase in Sydney the guy at the Camera shop only had five available. However having said that the price was reasonable at only $425 AUD so nobody was trying to take advantage of the low stock situation.  In the box it comes with a power charger, backpack strap/holder for hiking and instruction booklets.  Like most camera devices you will need to buy your own micro SD card.


Above non KeyMission 80 photo taken of device and what you get in the box

Initial thoughts were I could not believe how tiny this device was, in real life it looks smaller than depicted in photos/videos and easy to lose if you’re not careful.  If you are not familiar with Nikon products like I was it will take time to be comfortable with the device.  All up while you can be up and running within minutes I would allow at least two weeks of experimenting with the various features for the novice Nikon user to be at ease.

One of the great things about Nikon is they have this App called SnapBridge which enables you to download pictures in real time to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.  Again if you are not familiar with these Apps it can be a frustrating experience getting it setup but when it finally works it is a great experience.

Now to the images:

Panorama Mode – Essentially you hold the camera and pan the camera 180.


KeyMission 80 Panorama of wilderness & retreat scenery in New Zealand by Marty Sharp

Interval Mode – Choose between 30 seconds to 5 minutes interval automatic shooting which is great when you are out hiking; strap it to your pack choose the timing and nothing to think about.  Enjoy the scenery and have a look at the surprise shots later.

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KeyMission 80 interval shots hiking in New Zealand by Marty Sharp

Selfie Mode – In the promo the good looking actor/athlete makes it look easy.  Here are my average person selfies both outdoor and indoor.  I’ll let others be the judge whether the quality is good.  I have to say because the device is small it makes it easier than using your phone and no silly vain selfie sticks needed.

KeyMission 80 Selfies taken in New Zealand by Marty Sharp

Regular Still Images – At any time you can remove the camera from the strap/holder and take still images.  Here are a few demonstrating the detail both outside and inside.

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These six still images were taken at a remote retreat in New Zealand by Marty Sharp using the KeyMission 80

Action Still Mode – I strapped the camera onto my pack while cycling in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Image taken with KeyMission 80 hands free at speed imagery by Marty Sharp


Above non Nikon KeyMission 80 photo taken with regular Samsung mobile phone to demonstrate how small the camera looks when worn on the person.

So far I am really impressed with the Nikon KeyMission 80 picture quality and ease of use.  This really is a great camera for someone that does not really know how to take professional pictures and wants a light weight option for when on the go.

My one disappointment is the camera does not come with a lanyard which made it impossible to hold while walking on a suspension bridge without fear of dropping it into the river below.  A minor limiting factor to consider if you are going places that are unstable you really need a secure strap if removing the camera from the holder to take shots.

My number one tip is the camera is much more powerful than you realise so view the images on high quality desktop computer screen as they look much better than on a mobile device.

Part 2 of the review will contain video using the device and final thoughts on the KeyMission 80.


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