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The Art Gallery of  NSW in 2013I like spending a lot of time at the Art Gallery of NSW soaking up the artistic atmosphere, so when I visit Sydney I always make a point of visiting the gallery to see what’s new, however up until now I have never visited the art gallery on a Sunday.  I arrived at the gallery today just as it opened at 10am and headed down to the members lounge to do some Uni readings on globalized activism.   It is nice place to relax away from all the tourists bustling through the gallery with a private café where I had some yummy scones with jam n creams with a hot chocolate! 

So what is so different on weekends at the gallery!  Well after I left the members lounge and headed to the main gallery area there were all these screams and laugher of young children.   Sunday appears to be family day at the gallery! Great….. I’m scarred of children 🙂 Anyway I thought I would be brave and see what they were doing.  I watched a presentation from a representative of the art gallery awarding three prizes for a drawing/painting competition which I think was themed around their latest temporary exhibit:  SYDNEY MODERNS.  The top three winners were around 8 years of age!  I think there were around 50 child finalists and along with their parents it was quite a spectacle.  Later that afternoon there was a puppet show for the kids, which I watched for about five minutes. As I watched the parents sit with their kids I thought these are the sorts of things you have to do if you have young kids.

Anyway what I really came to see at the Gallery were the SYDNEY MODERNS, which are a collection of modern art works by artists capturing the transformation of Sydney into a modern city from 1910s – 1930s.  Many of the artists capture the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, transportation networks and the beginning of multi-story buildings that captured new perspectives of how people lived and worked in Sydney.  I joined a guided tour that went for around an hour and the curator explained how artists such as Grace Cossington Smith, Roland Wakelin and Roy de Maistre among others used colour, light to create a dynamic representation of the modern Australia of the time.   Overall it was a good day at the gallery and I liked learning about how Australian history can be depicted in modern art which were very controversial at the time!


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Sydney Harbour Bridge Close UpI was up really late in Sydney the previous night so I slept in this morning till 6:30am, which meant I did not start running till just after 7am.  It was a beautiful sunny morning in Sydney with many runners out and lots of people engaged in outdoor group fitness activities. I have already covered today’s 9.5 km run in detail on ‘Marty’s Garmin Connect Profile’ so click on this link if you want to know specifics of where I ran.  It was my second day running in front of an audience, as I like to call it with people watching from the cafes, harbour, bus stops, sidewalks, etc.  Psychologically I think it actually motivates you to run stronger and not give up even though nobody will remember you 🙂

 Later that morning I headed over to the Australian Museum where they had a temporary exhibit on Alexander The Great with many artifacts associated with that time period. I thought it was interesting and well put together; to achieve so much at a young age is incredible!

The Australian Museum

 Around midday I strolled through Hyde Park and noticed so many people having their lunch there.  If I had a blanket it would have been a great day for a picnic.   I went out for lunch at an Italian wood fired pizza bar that had lamb, spinach, feta and cherry tomatoes with a mint yogurt sauce. It was massive and tasty, thankfully I only ate fruit for breakfast so I managed to fit it all in.

Then around 2pm I made my way to Sydney Airport and engaged in some people watching for a few hours! This is another blog story in itself! I departed Sydney at 5pm and arrived at Brisbane Airport at 5:40pm thanks to daylight saving time differences.

 I had Subway for dinner at Brissy Airport which was a disappointment compared to the gourmet pizza for lunch in Sydney. Then I went over to gate 44 and boarded the regular 7:40pm night flight back to Townsville, North QLD, which was not very full.  I had the whole row to myself so I took the opportunity to spread out and start writing this blog while listening to legendary 60s music; such as The Hollies, The Left Bank, The Everly Brothers, Dusty Springfield etc. How old are you again Marty 😉 Finally arrived in Townsville and published my day out in Australia 15 minutes before midnight! I’m exhausted now… zzzzzzzz

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The view Running SydneyIt was a little gloomy this morning when I started running at 6:30am outside Museum Station in Sydney.  I have never run in a major city before and while there were other runners out and about it felt a bit weird running when most people were waiting for buses or just walking on the sidewalk.   I continued running past Hyde Park, The Art Gallery of NSW and down to the shoreline path where Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is located.  The view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House was amazing; Sydney locals have some wonderful running tracks.  There was good variation in elevation on the run too and I managed to get in some interval sprints between city blocks while recovering waiting for the traffic lights to change.  All up it felt pretty good and was a great start to the day and of-course all tracked with Garmin Connect

 I have so many stories to write about the Art Gallery but I’ll keep this brief as I could go on and on…

 My visit today involved visiting three temporary exhibits

 Francis Bacon

 I watched a three-hour documentary on his life and the five significant relationships he had in his life that inspired his work.  Then I spent another hour and a half in the gallery viewing his paintings and listening to what the curator was saying about some of them.  I am not really sure what to say; it is unlike anything I have seen before. Raw, Graphic, Compelling, Reflective are a few words that come to my mind.

 We Used to Talk About Love

 This was a photographic audio/visual gallery of works that showcase the emotional cycle of relationships from beginning to end.  It is about evoking memories and feeling from images; possibly making you think about your own personal relationships and how different each has been.

 The Dobell Prize for Drawing 

 I really had no interest in this exhibit and only went in to see the winning drawing.

 I left the gallery around 4:30pm and headed into the city centre for some last minute shopping, evening dinning and writing this wordpress story.  Tomorrow is my last day in Sydney who knows what I will get up to!

Francis Bacon

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a well known Australian landmark; I have driven my car over it, taken a train daily to school over it, been a passenger on a ship underneath it, yet I have never flown a small plane near it.  That was to change on my great Australian Air Trip in 2006. One of the highlights of my trip was getting clearance to fly at 1500 feet above Sydney Harbour in circular orbits near Sydney City, Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  The one hour flight took weeks of planning, reading maps and understanding what the procedures were since this was so close to Sydney International Airport. One of the local pilots even told me sometimes Air Traffic Control (ATC) will deny clearance if they are too busy handling jets that always take priority.

Well the day came and after submitting a flight plan and convincing a couple of passengers to trust me with their life in a small plane I departing Warnervale Airfield north of Sydney towards the city. My first hurdle was at Sydney’s Northern Beaches just outside of controlled airspace where I needed to get clearance to fly any closer to the city. ATC made me circle here for about 15 minutes which felt like forever and after identifying me on radar gave me clearance to orbit on the city side of the Harbour Bridge and to maintain 1500 feet at all times.  It was a surreal experience as below 1000 feet I could see helicopters operating and further in the distance above 2500 feet I could see large jets approaching Sydney Airport. Not to mention the constant background noise of Airline Pilots communicating to ATC as I was on the same frequency as them. We saw some Harbour Bridge climbers wave at us and I even managed to take some pictures of the landmarks before my allocated time was up. I flew back to Warnervale Airfield and landed safely to the relief of one of my passengers who told me that he had never been in a small plane before yet really enjoyed the view of Sydney!

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