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dscn2108Often when you live in your own town you avoid all the typical tourist areas.  However  while scoping out new cafes in the CBD I decided to experience Townsville a small city located in North Queensland Australia as tourist would see the city and came across this minimal designed cafe called Stone’s Throw attached to Rambutan a 5 star backpackers.

The cafe aesthetically is what you would expect in a tropical climate with an open design bar and seating area with relaxed friendly staff.  Their tagline which is on the blackboard above the bar reads: Keep Calm and Drink Coffee which shows they have a little bit of humour encouraging customers to embrace the North QLD lifestyle.  While it was too hot in the middle of the day for me to try out their coffee I did try out their crispy chicken burger with real succulent chicken, fries and aioli by head chef Nate Barbaric. The burger was really good and the whole meal was just the right portion size.


The Positives

* Friendly fast service, good vibe and cafe music

* Delicious Food that is presented well

* Competitively  priced cafe to cater to all budgets

* Inviting minimal designed cafe

Things that could be improved

* I am not convinced the fully open designed doorway works in the middle of summer especially when flies are present it could be a challenge eating your meal if seated near to the entry.

* The open entry means the strength of any air-conditioning is reduced which can be a deciding factor on a hot day whether you go here or not.

Apart from these few minor things I would rate it at a 4 out of 5 and would recommend trying it out sometime if you can manage to get a table that seem to get snapped up very quickly


Tips on getting here

Locals if you hate paying for parking in the CBD mid week and don’t mind walking free parking can be found near the Strand a short  10 minute walk away.

Visitors if you are staying in the CBD the cafe is located on the Flinders Street night life precinct a  short walk from many of the hotels.


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Sydney Harbour Bridge Close UpI was up really late in Sydney the previous night so I slept in this morning till 6:30am, which meant I did not start running till just after 7am.  It was a beautiful sunny morning in Sydney with many runners out and lots of people engaged in outdoor group fitness activities. I have already covered today’s 9.5 km run in detail on ‘Marty’s Garmin Connect Profile’ so click on this link if you want to know specifics of where I ran.  It was my second day running in front of an audience, as I like to call it with people watching from the cafes, harbour, bus stops, sidewalks, etc.  Psychologically I think it actually motivates you to run stronger and not give up even though nobody will remember you 🙂

 Later that morning I headed over to the Australian Museum where they had a temporary exhibit on Alexander The Great with many artifacts associated with that time period. I thought it was interesting and well put together; to achieve so much at a young age is incredible!

The Australian Museum

 Around midday I strolled through Hyde Park and noticed so many people having their lunch there.  If I had a blanket it would have been a great day for a picnic.   I went out for lunch at an Italian wood fired pizza bar that had lamb, spinach, feta and cherry tomatoes with a mint yogurt sauce. It was massive and tasty, thankfully I only ate fruit for breakfast so I managed to fit it all in.

Then around 2pm I made my way to Sydney Airport and engaged in some people watching for a few hours! This is another blog story in itself! I departed Sydney at 5pm and arrived at Brisbane Airport at 5:40pm thanks to daylight saving time differences.

 I had Subway for dinner at Brissy Airport which was a disappointment compared to the gourmet pizza for lunch in Sydney. Then I went over to gate 44 and boarded the regular 7:40pm night flight back to Townsville, North QLD, which was not very full.  I had the whole row to myself so I took the opportunity to spread out and start writing this blog while listening to legendary 60s music; such as The Hollies, The Left Bank, The Everly Brothers, Dusty Springfield etc. How old are you again Marty 😉 Finally arrived in Townsville and published my day out in Australia 15 minutes before midnight! I’m exhausted now… zzzzzzzz

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Cudtheringa TrackWell the weather in Townsville is becoming a little challenging for outdoor running as the tropical monsoonal weather is nearly here;  I had my first feel for running in the rain.  It wasn’t a heavy downpour, just light rain but I could definitely tell a difference on Castle Hill.  My times were slower and I had to resort to walking down the hilly tracks as the steps/rocks appeared really slippery and the last thing I wanted to do was have a fall and injure myself so early into this 1000 km challenge.

Apart from the periods of rain, I ran hard early on this week doing over 20 km in 3 days in anticipation of being totally wrecked by having to work night shifts.  It was a wise decision as I was in no mood for running for 3 days.  I survived 2 nights of playing 8 hours of temptation with the high fat/sugary foods at work.  However I came undone post night shifts when I did not feel like cooking and went on a pizza and gelato binge; I really regretted doing this afterwards!

Castle Hill

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Gill Park IntervalsThe last week has been tough running. As a shiftworker it was my turn for a series of early starts at 6:30am.  That meant forcing myself to get up after 4am to get some crucial runs in before work. It can be a little eerie runnning at this time of the morning when it is dark as there is rarely anybody else running and it is so quiet with very few cars on the road.  Hopefully I won’t meet with foul play or simply vanish into thin air with people wondering what ever happened to Marty?

Apart from having to get up early I have been experimenting with Interval training and skipping at Gill Park in the day time!  Things are going good for now, according to Garmin Connect I am 56% through my 83km distance goal for January having already completed 46.12km.  The next week will be challenging as I am on graveyard shifts which really messes my body up when it comes to exercise. Not to mention having to play 8 hours of temptation at work with all the high sugar/fatty foods that people love bringing in on night shift.

Gill Park

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